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in the media:

Posautive YouTube group - positive videos about autism

The Autism Acceptance Project

Autism and Computing featured in The Observer (pdf with most of the pictures)

The Observer article reprinted in CartaCapital: "A dura luta dos autistas"
text version (a blog entry), pdf with most of the pictures

Mike Lesser featured in The Times


Dinah Murray and Ann Aspinall: Getting IT - Using information technology to empower people with communication difficulties

Edited by Dinah Murray: Coming out Asperger: Diagnosis, Disclosure and Self-Confidence

Wendy Lawsons' books/DVDs

Mike Lesser's book

Jessica Kingsley Publishers


Wendy Keay-Bright AWARES Conference paper Reactive Colours: Computation and Playful Engagement

Wendy Lawson AWARES Conference paper Learning Styles and ASD

Dinah Murray AWARES Conference paper Culture and Ignorance

Asperger’s Syndrome: A Matter of Attention by Wendy Lawson

Awares conference

Wendy Lawson´s website

Attention, Monotropism and the Diagnostic Criteria for Autism by Dinah Murray, Mike Lesser, Wendy Lawson (published in Autism, Vol. 9, No. 2, May 2005)

Autism journal (SAGE Publications/NAS)

NAS Autism Data

Autscape conference

AWARES Library

AWARES conference center

Dr. Morton Ann Gernsabacher's Laboratory

Graphic communication may support comprehension and use of spoken language in children with autism: A case study - by Stephen von Tetzchner

Homeschooling Kids With Autism Spectrum Disorder


Discrete Dynamics Lab

The Complexity Society

computers for adults not just kids:

Technology Helps Give Voice to People with Autism

MIT Media Lab: Affective Computing Group

Children with Autism Architect Their Ideas Using 3D Design Software

Specialisterne finds a place in workforce for people with autism

Communication links by ASPIRES

Satellite Virtual Schools

Communication Rights, Autism & IT

Autreach IT

NoVoice,NoChoice: disabled people’s experiences of accessing communication aids (PDF)

Using Computing Technologies to Face the Challenges of Autism

"What Freed Me" by drooooopy  - shows a non-speaking autistic woman using a typewriter

Article about autistic users of augmentative communication

Reactive Colours - also see their link list

Wendy Keay-Bright: Autism and Play (abstract)

ICT and Special Needs

Autism-Relevant software

Autistic Aug Comm Users

respect and accomodation not drugging:

Joshua's Webpage

Posautive YouTube group

Autistic People Against Neuroleptic Abuse


No Autistics Allowed

Tampere conference


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