In the Mason family, three out of five of the children are diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder - Sean and Eoin, who are twins, and their younger brother, Mikhail. The family has three computers, and all five children use them. Eoin spends a lot of time using a publishing program to produce leaflets, greetings cards, etc. Sean is the most extremely autistic member of the Mason family, and used to be much given to tapping and banging. Until he was seven he just watched the others at the computer, "on the outside looking in" as his mother put it. Then one day he went and got Rosemarie, who assumed he wanted her to do something for him - since that had always, so far, been his reason for leading her anywhere. But this time when she reached for the keyboard questioningly, he pushed her aside. He showed that he could use the mouse to access a graphics program, and proceeded to make rainbows.

This desire to show and share is a vital part of the motivation to make a website, too. This is explicit on Jypsy's site, where she says, "This page will take you to pretty well everything I know about the autism spectrum and more. It illustrates my own obsessive interest in autism information gathering and a desire to share what I know. I also share our story, a personal look at our life on the spectrum."