A capacity for total concentration was exemplified in all this - in marked contrast with Ferenc's usual attitude in class or whenever his interest is not engaged. He had a brief break during the thousand framer, otherwise all his animations were produced in one sweep. His third, very short, film (weeks later again) illustrates the ferocity of his concentration. He took a short loop and kept adding and adding moving shapes of various kinds. For example, a curved comb shape near the bottom left keeps waving towards and away from the viewer. In the end, he creates two large pulsating shapes behind which almost all the other shapes are tantalisingly hidden. It took him around an hour of unswerving concentration to make.

In the right (restricted stimulus) environment, people on the autistic spectrum generally only have a problem concentrating on other people's interests - not with concentration per se. Professional animators use storyboards with the sequence sketched out before their eyes. Making a coherent film 144 frames long, one frame at a time without concurrent access to any other frame is not normal!