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Autism and Computing is a non-profit group. Its aim is to explore ways of minimizing the effects of a disabling society on people disposed to montropism. The theory behind Autism and Computing is a dynamical systems model of mind as an interest system. It is a theory about human beings, in which autism has a natural role as contributing to essential diversity. The model has illuminated some aspects of the autistic condition and yielded insights and suggested helpful approaches.

Dinah Murray PhD is a person-centred planning consultant, specialising in the use of IT for people with Autism Spectrum Differences and other learning disabilities.  She is co-author with Ann Aspinall of Getting IT: Using information technology to empower people with communication difficulties, and she edited and contributed to Coming Out Asperger - Diagnosis, Disclosure and Self-Confidence (both JKP). Dinah is a tutor and has written course material for both Birmingham University’s Continuing Professional Development courses in Autism, recently updating the unit on IT.  She has been consultant to the Reactive Colours project (www.reactivecolours.org) since its inception.

Dinah cofounded Autism & Computing in 1995, making an Arts Council funded free video.  AC launched its website in 1998, it campaigns for recognising autistic people as part of natural human diversity, and for recognising Information Technology as a creative and sociable multimedia environment that suits autistic individuals of all ages and abilities.  In 2006 Dinah started the Posautive Youtube group, which now has about 500 videos portraying positive images of autistic potential.

Because the Mental Capacity Act guidelines and the Independent Living Bill recognise the potential of IT for autistic people, Dinah has launched a specialised service to show care provision managers how to use IT effectively and cost-effectively to maximise the capacity of their service users. Contact her at  gettingitremca @ googlemail.com

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Dinah K.C. Murray
Autism & Computing
42 Cheverton Road
London N19 3AZ
Tel: +44 (0)207 272 7253
Email: dinah.murray{a}btinternet.com

Dinah Murray

Mike Lesser b. 1943 London, mathematician, author and computer graphics expert. He has worked on the model of mind as a dynamical system of interests for over two decades. He worked on the model's equations at NASA's Goddard Jet Propulsion Lab. DC USA at the Institute for Ecotechnological Research at Cranfield University, Bucks. UK and at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratories, Oxon. UK. The model has illuminated significant aspects of autism, yielded insights and suggested helpful approaches to the condition. He co-founded Autism & Computing, a non profit organisation with Murray. He is also the co-author of several scientific papers on dynamical systems theory with Prof. P. Allen. In 1992 he was the co-author of the book "The Global Dynamics Of Cellular Automata," published in the "Santa Fe Institute's Reference Volumes.". He spent his 17 birthday in Wormwood Scrubs Prison in connection with Unilateral British Nuclear Disarmament. He has also served two spells as editor of London's Anarchist journal "International Times." He died in the year 2015.

Mike Lesser

Dr Wenn Lawson (formerly Wendy Lawson) is autistic, social worker and adult educator, poet and writer. He is an Australien mother of four (including a son with Asperger's syndrome), Bss, Bsw(Hons), GDip(Psychstud), GDip(Psychology); speaker and writer of three books on autism. Wendy´s website

Email: lawson_wendy{a}hotmail.com

Wendy Lawson

Sebastian Dern has a special interest in people. He completed the foundation year programme in European Thought and the Liberal Arts at Berlin's European College of Liberal Arts and took courses at University College Maastricht and Schumacher College. He has a Bachelor in Psychology and took courses in Developmental Psychology. Sebastian Dern has a record of environmental activism and for the past fifteen years has been facilitating mutual understanding between autistic and non-autistic people. He is interested in the diversity of people and enjoys bringing people together. Sebastian Dern has been running a regular meeting for and by autistic adults and autism professionals in Berlin from 2006 to 2012 (Autistics-Professional-Meeting) and presents on autism together with autistic and non-autistic speakers. He is actively engaged in an autism research project run jointly by autistic adults in Berlin and scientists from Berlin Autism Research Cooperation, The Academic Autistic Spectrum Partnership In Research and Education AASPIRE, and The Gateway-Project. These research projects study what autistic adults find relevant from the perspective of autistic adults. He has been a consultant to the Reactive Colours research project to make a computer game for autistic people, Auticon to create jobs for autistic people as software testers, and now AUIO.tv to make educational videos about autism. He serves as editor of the Autism and Computing website. He made the personal development website ZEN-BOT.

Email: sdernfpnätgmaildotcom


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